Central Banking

Central banks and financial regulators must deliver multiple and complex mandates with demonstrable effectiveness and efficiency.  Institutional excellence is vital to build trust and justify independence.  To achieve and demonstrate that excellence, individual central banks and financial regulators must adapt best practices in institutional governance and management to their unique circumstances. 

CB_Institutional_Excellence.jpgIn this short video, John Mendzela talks with Dr Don Brash, who was Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand when it pioneered leading-edge policy and institutional reforms.  The video discusses how strong institutional governance and management enables effective policy and operations, and outlines how to define and assess institutional excellence.

John Mendzela uniquely combines deep specialism in central banking, regulation and financial services with professional consultancy skills and extensive commercial experience. John applies practical approaches to help customise institutional excellence goals for each unique mix of statutory requirements, operating environment and national culture.  View information on John's seminar programme "Institutional Governance and Management for Central Banks" or watch John's video on how to practically define and govern strategic change 

John’s expertise draws on over 25 years' experience in central bank governance and management as an independent external adviser, in-house change leader, and consultant to the official sector. He has worked with over 20 individual central banks and led many multinational forums (see map below).  View  John Mendzela's service profile for central banks and financial regulators

John is available as a confidential adviser to central banks and financial regulators through on-call telecommunications, interactive video discussions, Internet seminars, and on-site visits. For in-depth work on specific topics, John can recommend independent specialist experts with extensive central bank experience and commercial know-how.

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